At the Mount Airy Inn, we always strive to treat our customers like family

We want you to get to know ours

Here’s our fourth installment of :

The Inn Family

This week:

Lukas DeRosa

Growing up in Damascus, Lukas is a MD native, who lives nearby in
New Windsor. He’s been filling the Inn with his laughter
and spirit for almost 3 years now.

Q: What would you say is your all time favorite food?
A: My dad makes an awesome Chicken Alfredo at home that I love.

Q:  Out of all of our dishes at the Inn, pick the one you like to eat the most.
A: I’d have to say the Penne a la Vodka with Steak Tips and a side Caesar Salad. It’s a killer meal and it really fills me up.

Q: What’s the best thing about working in such a customer-service-driven industry?
A: I get the opportunity to meet a lot of different people and give them a great experience. I have the chance to improve someone’s day every time I talk to them.

Q: Can you tell us your most memorable and positive customer experience?
A: I waited on an elderly woman one night- at the end of her meal, we chatted for a bit, and she told me I reminded her so much of her late husband. After she left, I opened her checkbook and she had tipped me with a $100 bill. I’ll never forget that.

Q: What’s something most people wouldn’t guess about you on first glance?
A: I babysit a lot! Mostly kids under 10 years, and babies. I’m basically a big teddy bear, and I love kids.

Q: What is your favorite way to spend your free time?
A: Playing volleyball. Mostly indoor, but I love playing on the beach when I can!

Thank you, Lukas!

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